The Area

⛺️ St. Julien Labrousse is a place with just over 300 inhabitants in the northern Ardèche located in the triangle between Le Cheylard, Vernoux and Vivarais and Lamastre. A green wooded area interspersed with agricultural areas and small villages. The distance from Bastier to the village is 400 meters as the crow flies; it is about a quarter of an hour's walk by road. In the village there is a restaurant and a café. In the café is also an "epicerie de dépannage". Here the basic groceries can be bought. Larger supermarkets can be found within a 15 minutes drive.

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⛺️ There is also a large swimming pool within 15 minutes, as well as a large lake where pedal boats can be rented. Close by, but also a little further away, you can swim everywhere in rivers and lakes. In the vicinity there are picturesque (medieval) villages and towns and every day there is a nice weekly market in the area. The popular name for this region is Les Boutiéres. It is part of the nature park "Parc Regional des Mont d'Ardèche".

Tournon sur Rhône

⛺️ It is still a fairly authentic area, located in the foothills of the Massif Central. Until now industrialization has gained a relatively small footprint here. Within less than an hour's drive are several major cities such as Valence, Tournon sur Rhône, Privas, Aubenas and Vals les Bains.

⛺️ In this area of wild rivers, coniferous and chestnut forests and farmland, the rivers Loire and Ardeche have their origin. The Gerbier de Jonc (1500 m) and Mont Mezenc (1700 m) mountains are 40 km away. A beautiful setting for hiking at high altitude, with fields of wild daffodils in late spring. There are many hiking routes in the area, whether or not marked, which can also be taken by bike or on horseback. You can also get around on an E-bike very well here. On the farm we have numerous (walking) maps that you can borrow.

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