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Weg langs boerderij

⛺️ We are Ria Martijn and Johan Beikes. We bought Bastier in the summer of 2002. Bastier is an approximately 250-year-old farm in the wooded area at the center of the Ardèche near St Julien Labrousse.


⛺️ Our farm consists of a living area and three barns. In the past they have been used for housing all the farm animals (cows, pigs, goats and sheep). The last real French farmer who lived and worked at Bastier ended his business around 1994.

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⛺️ From that moment until 2002 the farm was uninhabited. The total volume of the farm buildings is ± 50.000 ft³, making Bastier one of the largest farms in the area. It was built on a strategic place near the village.

⛺️ The buildings are made entirely of stone and are situated at an altitude of about 2500 ft. Because of that there is a panoramic view over the entire area, including the valley of the river Eyrieux. Throughout the entire basement of the main building there are many authentic elements. In one of the outbuildings there is an old bread oven (four a pain). There are plans to restore this old bread oven so it can be used again for baking bread and pizzas.

Ria uitrusten

⛺️ The reason for our departure from the Netherlands was that we were tired of the crowds in the Netherlands and were looking for a quieter environment. Here in the green Northern Ardèche it is still really peaceful and you can still find large parts of untouched nature. Many of our neighbors live here an orderly and relatively simple life. Because we are also striving for that ourselves, we are very much in the right place here.


Our ideas about how we want to live here can be broken down into two goals:

⛺️ First, we want to be self sustaining as much as possible, through growing our own vegetables and keeping farm animals. With this in mind the following animals are present on our farm: chickens, rabbits and goats. The vegetable garden has been restored from the very beginning and supplies fruit and vegetables for large part of the year. We run the entire business operations on the basis of respect for animals, nature and the environment.

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⛺️ The second goal is to develop small-scale tourist activities at Bastier. On one hand by means of a small environmentally friendly and spacious campsite, on the other hand through the rental of yurts (Mongolian nomadic tents), gîtes (apartments), caravans and chambers (rooms). Peace, conviviality and authenticity are important starting points.

⛺️ As part of the second goal, we have been renovating and restoring the farm for the past 15 years. If possible we do and oversee this ourselves. We started with our own living space and the main building has now been renovated as well. A chambre (room) and a Gite (apartment) have also been completed. In addition, one of the outbuildings has been converted into sanitary facilities and a gîte.

⛺️ In 2014 the roof of the goat barn was replaced. 36 Solar panels installed on the south side provide (partly) for our electricity supply and for those of the houses in our neighborhood. Currently (2017) the renovation of the roof on the largest barn is under way.

⛺️ The campsite has already been running a number of successful seasons, with increasing numbers of visitors every year. In 2013 we were authorized by the department to realize an expansion to 12 places.

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⛺️ The authentic Mongolian yurt attracts every year guests who want to stay at the campsite but have "another" vacation in mind without having to bring all their camping gear. Starting in 2018 we also have a wooden chalet for rent.

⛺️ The chambre & table d'hôte and the rental of the gîtes have also developed nicely. Every year we welcome guests who want to taste the tranquility of Bastier and in a more literal sense enjoy all of the products available on our farm. Several guests have joined us at our table to enjoy our table d’hôte.
Table d'hôte is a French custom, in which guests actually eat along, so you join the table of the host and hostess. At Bastier we offer a three course dinner.


⛺️ In the summer months Bastier is often "complet", but because Bastier is spacious (the tourist part is located on just over one hectare) you do not notice that at all.

⛺️ Traditionally, in June, we first accommodate a number of participants of the Ardéchoise. This is a cycle tour through the surrounding area with an average of 13,000 participants who cover distances of up to 600 km (multi-day trip) or 270 km (in one day).

⛺️ In the last weekend of June, there are mostly participants of the Raid VTT of the Monts d'Ardèche (multi-day stage mountain bike race), regular stages are held in our village, and we regularly host hikers in varying groups, including "pellerins" on their way to Santiago de Compostella. One of the routes there, passes along our farm.

⛺️ July and August are the more traditional holiday months in which we receive many families. Older guests often help (for clarity: on a voluntary basis!) in the vegetable garden or with other jobs. The youngest guests help with the care of the animals and often they have mastered the milking of the goats and they return home with a milking certificate at the end of their stay.

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⛺️ Our pool, although small, is always a very popular attraction.

⛺️ The baker delivers fresh bread to the campsite 4 days a week.

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