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⛺️ We are Ria Martijn and Johan Beikes. We bought Bastier in the summer of 2002. Bastier is an approximately 250-year-old farm in the wooded area at the center of the Ardèche near St Julien Labrousse.

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⛺️ Our farm consists of a living area and three barns. In the past they have been used for housing all the farm animals (cows, pigs, goats and sheep). The last real French farmer who lived and worked at Bastier ended his business around 1994.

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⛺️ From that moment until 2002 the farm was uninhabited. The total volume of the farm buildings is ± 50.000 ft³, making Bastier one of the largest farms in the area. It was built on a strategic place near the village.
The buildings are made entirely of stone and are situated at an altitude of about 2500 ft. Because of that there is a panoramic view over the entire area, including the valley of the river Eyrieux. Throughout the entire basement of the main building there are many authentic elements. In one of the outbuildings there is an old bread oven (four a pain). There are plans to restore this old bread oven so it can be used again for baking bread and pizzas.

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